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Jun 13 2000Kingston Caravan Park…wonderful!

Jun 13 2000Kingston Caravan Park…wonderful!

Historic Lighthouse just next to our caravan park.

6/13/2000: Tried out the shower in our little campervan and it worked great!  Drove to Warrnambool and got some groceries, lunch, a hair curler and blow dryer. Electrical is different than back home-240 volts and 50 hertz.  Have seen signs to watch for kangaroos and koala bears but have not seen any yet.  At the grocery store, I saw a sign for “easy, peasy, mincy meals”….(hamburger meals), tried “dim sums” – small egg roll type of finger food. “Skivvies” are turtlenecks.

Stopped at a pullout area on the road…for a little break and a pot of coffee, sighted a parrot type of bird…gray bird with bright orange/red  undersides.  Gorgeous!  The bird turned out to be a Galah which we later decided was our favorite Australian bird…plentiful and seemingly carefree birds with a raucous, but still enjoyable call.

Traveled to Kingston today…camped at the Kingston Caravan Park (campsite) on the ocean.  Very clean and well kept. The lawns were just beautiful! And we so enjoyed the large Norfolk Island pines that enhanced the caravan parks shoreline. But we were frustrated as we couldn’t get to the water.  Tons of sea grass had been blown up by an earlier storm, covering the lovely white sand shore…very thick and hard to walk through.   An historic lighthouse is located here (1872 built at Cape Jaffa-served over 100 years).  Ate supper at the Crown Inn and early to bed.