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May 25 2008More Opal and Supper at Tom & Mary’s Taverna

May 25 2008More Opal and Supper at Tom & Mary’s Taverna

Opal-field mining equipment termed a "blower" at the rest area as you enter Cobber Pedy. The truck contains a large fan assembly that's for sucking the mining debris out of the underground mine and a large generator for power.

5/25/08:  Breakfast again consisted of Kellog’s Just Right Cereal cereal and banana along with orange/mango juice.  I became hooked on Just Right cereal during my many weeks spent in Australia buying opal.  Sadly it’s not available on grocery store shelves in the USA.  I may end up ordering it on Amazon and spend $20.00 for shipping.  I think they mix an addictive drug in this cereal 🙂

Talked to several miners about parcels today…striking out.  Later talked to a miner, I hadn’t dealt with previously, about a medium sized opal parcel from Allan’s Rise.  Allan’s Rise is the probably the most requested field for opal at present.  It yields opal that is very dark based (read black opal), or perhaps a stunning crystal based with characteristic rainbow-like fire patterns.  I truly love this opal and so do many other opal cutters!!  Also visited another miner who some tempting parcels that were much larger than my budget could afford…especially one for AU$30K that had a huge assortment of  opalized fossil clams, belemnites, mussels, snails and other fossils that very much had me testing the commandment about coveting your neighbors possessions.

Had supper at my favorite restaurant in Coober Pedy, Tom and Mary’s Greek Taverna, with good friend Trevor Berry.