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May 29 2008Port Wakefield for the Night…

May 29 2008Port Wakefield for the Night…

Lovely sunset seen from my campsite in Port Pirie.

5/29/08: Was up quite a bit last night with stomach cramps and the associated bowel troubles.  Is that the polite way of saying it?  Couldn’t make up my mind if I should spend the night in Port Pirie or Port Wakefield, but around 10:00AM, when I was feeling up to snuff, Port Wakefield won out.  I needed a change of scenery.

Took the slow lane to Port Wakefield and made a few stops to view the scenery up close.  I was planning on making a trip to Uluru (Ehyer’s Rock), in the center of Australia this year, but with the price of petrol decided against it.  Now I wish I had as I have 3 days to while away and boredom is setting in.

Checked into the lovely Port Wakefield Caravan Park and got a powered site right on the water…plenty of lovely and raucous water birds to view from my window.  As I was feeling better I ate the 6 fresh oysters on the half-shell and they were sweet and very fresh.  And I threw together a quick fried rice dish with some Spencer Gulf shrimp and calamari thrown in for good measure.  I was a little concerned about my stomach, but it held up just fine.  Sat out for a bit to watch the sunset and the beautiful southern hemisphere stars.  Even saw a little of the Orion constellation…but he was upside down here in the southern hemisphere again…so that’s where he goes during our summers.  He seems to be just a winter constellation in Montana.  But Orion could be out in the early hours of morning when I’m not.