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CPOVA5-09P41.05 Ounce (32.8 gram) Rough Opal Parcel-Coober Pedy-Opal Valley


If you have a taste for blue/green opal (it goes great with gold!) this may be the parcel for you. This Opal Valley parcel was purchased during my '09 opal buying trip to Oz and has stood the test of time...good healthy opal! Opal Valley is located about 30-35km south of Coober Pedy and can be seen from the Stuart Highway if you look to the east. It's one of the first opalfields seen as you approach Coober Pedy from the south and teases you with thoughts of opals to be found...perhaps just gazing down while wandering on the flat gibber plains that surround the Coober Pedy opalfields.
Scale=20mm. 1.05 ounce (164 carat) parcel. Individual stone weights are 12.2gm and 20.5gm.

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