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TR01Turkey Ridge ( tops of the tops).


This stone was mined 35 years ago and just went on sale recently. The miner (Seekamp) found millions of dollars of opals with his 3 brothers in his claim. They found this to be the best stone out of the parcel (king stone). The stone is 25 X 17 and weighs and weighs 16.5 cts. In my opinion this is the most beautul stone to ever come out of Coober...It takes my breath away. There are no dead spots or flaws. These are not the words of someone trying to sell a mnagnificent stone, but the words of a true opalhaulic who is stunned by the beauty of this rare beautiful stone (just holding the actual stone in my hand caused it to shake). The photo does not show the depth and transparency of the stone, but the buyer will not be is a classic stone that everyone who sees it will comment on the fire and beauty.
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