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SSWO-SU16.7 Gram (83.5 carat) Rough Welo Opal Parcel


While grading out a recent 4kg Welo opal shipment from Addis, I found 2 similar rough opals that turned out to be both halves of a large 18 gram rough Welo opal that had cracked right down the middle during mining.
Then to better show the play-of-color I polished inspection windows on both opals. No cracks or internal matrix pockets have been observed. Dimensions & weights: 8.6gm-29mm x 23mm x 13mm thick, 8.1gm-29mm x 23mm x 12mm thick. Scale=20mm.
16.7 grams total weight or 83.5 carats.

Category: Rough Opals > Ethiopian Welo Opals > Single Stones