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TSP-P11.9gm11.9 Gram-3 Stone Rough Welo Opal Parcel


Bright kicky 3 rough opal parcel. The opal on the right is extremely high yield...just smooth and polish...with prismatic a fire pattern, the bottom stone has a natural black manganese coating to bring out the color and brightness. And the top left rough opal has bright green/orange/gold play-of-color.
Individual weights and dimensions: 4.3gm-28mm x 19mm x 12mm thick, 4.1gm-22mm x 18mm x 14mm thick, 3.5gm-25mm x 15mm x 9mm thick. Scale=20mm. Total weight 11.9gm/55.5 carats.

Category: Rough Opals > Ethiopian Welo Opals > Small Parcels