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CPOV14-P43.4gm43.4 Gram (1.39ozt) Rough Coober Pedy Tops Parcel-Opal Valley Field

Complete 43.4 Gram Rough Coober Pedy Opal Parcel


In May 2014 I bought a small 5 grade opal 13 ounce parcel from an opal miner in the small bar section of the Underground Restaurant in Coober Pedy. I'd been passing out business cards to several people in Coober Pedy and handed one to the owner of this novel day I got a call to meet a miner at the bar. After a bit of haggling over price I picked the parcel up and shipped it back to the Montana along with the rest of my opal.
The first part of February 2017 I pulled the parcel out, cleaned it up and regraded it. I had underestimated this parcel, as the light was poor in the bar, and was surprised and excited by the bright colors and quality of these very gemmy stones. And no cracking after 2+ years of dry storage in a plastic bag! This is the tops grade (best stones of the parcel). Deliciously bright red/green/orange/blue multi-color play of color. A variety of sizes and shapes along with a few fossil opal replaced belemnites and opal replaced shell pieces. 1.39 ounces or 43.4 grams. Scale=20mm.

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