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EWOMA-P69.2gm2.22 Ounce (69.2 gram) Rough Ethiopian Welo Opal Parcel


Well...this was supposed to be an "A" grade only parcel, but many of the 19 rough Welo opals are really "AA" grade. And as you can see from the photos these are very bright colorful stones in this lot.
2.22 ounces troy-69.2 grams. Individual rough opal weights: 7.2gm, 5.3gm, 4.4gm, 4.6gm, 4.9gm, 3.8g, 3.6gm, 3.7gm, 3.3gm, 3.2gm, 3.2gm, 3.2gm, 3.0gm, 2.9gm, 2.8gm, 2.7gm, 2.4gm, 2.4gm. 2.4gm. Scale-20mm. 69.2gm-2.22oz.

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