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CPOV17-P9.2gm9.2 Gram Top Gem Rough Austrralian Opal Parcel-Opal Valley-Coober Pedy


Opal Valley Opalfield, 40km south of Coober Pedy, can be seen from the Stuart Highway and lets you know there is precious opal nearby...lots of it. This parcel, found in a previously worked mine, was missed by the original miner...unfortunately. But I was fortunate to be in Coober Pedy when the parcel was up for sale and was able to buy the entire 5 ounce tops grade, of which these 3 stones were part of.
High yield blue/green/orange play-of-color in a clean crystal base.
Dimensions and weights:
3.5gm-20mm x 15mm x 11.7mm thick.
3.2gm-24mm x 21mm x 10.6mm thick.
2.5gm-23mm x 15mm x 8.0mm thick.

Category: Rough Opals > Coober Pedy Opals > Parcels