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CP15M17-P220gm7.1 Ounce (220.8gm) Rough Coober Pedy Opal Parcel-15 Mile Field


This is a noodling parcel from 15 Mile Opalfield in Coober Pedy. Noodlers go over old mine dumps, at night (or in a noodling machine dark house with UV lights at any hour), with the aid of UV lights as opal fluoresces a bright pastel blue color. I've tried it but it seemed like everything fluoresced...including bugs, plants and paper. Must have had the wrong frequency of UV light...oh well. But it was pretty :-) .
Anyway...lots of bright colors here, as you can see from the photos, with a variety of shapes and sizes...usually what is to be found in a noodling parcel. I've found noodling parcels are the best value and I bought this little parcel for a good price and am selling at a really good price as well. Works out to exactly $100.00/ounce for the 7.1 ounce parcel. 220.8 grams total weight. Scale=20mm. Have to look for a better UV light for my next Oz trip!

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