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CP15M17-P235.1gm7.55 Ounce (235.1 Gram) Rough Australian Opal Parcel-Coober Pedy-15 Mile Opalfield


Dark grey crystal opal from a new mining area in Opal Valley. This opal is similar in color and patterns to opal from Allan's Rise Opalfield...also a far southern opalfield which produces dark and black opal.
Lots of good cutting in this parcel...and the average price per ounce is only $120.00. Good variety of sizes colors and patterns. Great opal for the beginner, intermediate or professional opal cutter.
235.1 Grams or 7.55 ounces total weight. Scale=20mm.

Category: Rough Opals > Coober Pedy Opals > Parcels