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SSCPDR17-P9.0gm9.0 Gram Rough Coober Pedy Opal-Donna's Rush Opafield


Donna's Rush Opalfield was discovered in 2012 by John Dunston and Paul Reynolds with a little luck and lot of hard prospecting work drilling 70ft test holes. Donna's Rush is west of Browns Folly and SW of Shellpatch Opalfield...which makes it a long 40km-50km drive from Coober Pedy.
I was fortunate to get the tops and seconds grades from a Donna's Rush parcel and this stone is from the tops grade. These 2 grades all came from Gary Miles HUGE opal mine at DR.
High yield rough opal with Red/green/blue play-of-color with a tightly knit pinfire pattern. Dimensions: 27mm x 22mm x 13.5mm thick. 9.0 Grams. Scale=20mm.

Category: Rough Opals > Coober Pedy Opals > Single Stones