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CPDHG17-P62.9gm2.02 Ounce Rough Coober Pedy Opal Parcel-Dead Horse Gully Opalfield

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Dead Horse Gully Opalfield, discovered in 1972, sits by itself about 20km NW of Coober Pedy. It's almost an anomaly as it's so isolated...there's only 2 more opalfields NW of DHG...aptly named Mars and Saturn...maybe there's hope for more opalfields in this area. And Dead Horse is famous for it's dark base opal similar to Opal from Allan's Rise Opalfield.
2.02 ounce parcel (62.9 grams). The 3 largest stones are 10.6 grams, 8.2 grams and 6.5 grams. Lots of color for $150.00/ounce. Scale=20mm.

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