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CPSP21-P1oz1 Ounce (31.1 Gram) Coober Pedy Opal Parcels-Shellpatch Opalfield


Sale $30.00 OFF! 1 ounce lots of potch and color grade rough opal from Shellpatch Opalfield in the far north of the Coober Pedy Precious Stones Field. Small to medium sized rough opals with thin fire layers. Lots of fossilized shell pieces in this lot. Good material for cutting small cabochons or doublets, triplets and mosaics. Photograph is of the large 18-ounce lot from where your 1-ounce opal parcel will come.
1 ounces or 31.1 gram parcels.
See other listing for a discounted 2-ounce lot.

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