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Finished gemstones and faceting and cabbing rough material.


The web’s premier mineral link portal, featuring over 530 categorized links to mineral, fossil, gem, lapidary, club and information websites, and averaging 60,000 hits per week.


Online Shopping Mall for Thai Handicrafts and Jewelry, Glasses Figurines, Ceramic Miniature, Artificial Flowers, Ostrich Eggs, Furry Animals, Thailand Paintings, Costume Jewelry, Pins and Brooches.


Jewelry Directory includes jewelry store list.


We are direct importers and cutters of Australian opal offering opal rough, cut opal solids, doublets, triplets and opal jewelry wholesale direct. Our stock includes black opal, semi-black, crystal, white base, boulder opal and matrix. We also hand fabricate our own designer jewelry.


Valerie, Deane Clee and staff welcome you to come and stay at the Coober Pedy Experience Motel, Coober Pedy’s Best Choice. Mined from 1918 – 1960’s transformed into an Underground Motel Complex 1990 – 2001.


The Desert Cave Hotel allows you to experience dug-out style living, underground shops, bar and opal display areas – all within sandstone surrounds in the heart of Coober Pedy. As well as above and below ground accommodation, we offer outstanding dining and convention facilities.


Visit the website of the American Opal Society…show dates, mebership info and lots of great articles on opals.


Want to know a bit more about Lightning Ridge? This site presents the flavor of outback Australia including mining geology, lodging, opal businesses and news.


Want to know more about what is happenning in Coober Pedy? On line news report.


We at The Opal Cutter invite you underground to buy your opal and jewellery direct – all hand crafted by our expert cutters and jewellers. Buy your opal from the source – we mine, cut and set our own opal.


World time zones. What is the present time all over the world?


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I have stayed in this motel in Coober Pedy and give it a heartfelt recommendation. And the dining room food is exceptional!


Finished Mexican fire opal, Mexican precious opal and cantera opals (cut with matrix). A fun site to view.


Diamond abrasives supplier with a great selection of diamond points, diamond powder, diamond paste and silicon carbide rubberized abrasive points. Lasco also provides an inexpensive micro-motor carving tool. I use and highly recommend their products.


Jewelry Stores Directory, Jewelry Resource, Jeweler Guide.


Rough opal ready to cut, Cut opal ready to set. Direct from a local Coober Pedy miner miner .


Mark Scown is a master jeweller based in Byron Bay, with a local, National and International client base. Mark creates custom handcrafted jewellery including wedding and engagement rings, diamond, pearl, opal and all gemstone jewellery.


“Custom commercial cutter and dealer of colored stones. American quality cutting at Chinese prices.”


“See Lake Eyre with Opal Air. We have a variety of outback tours available and can arrange charter flights from South Australia to any destination of your choice within Australia. Flights to and from Coober Pedy.”


“The Opal Specialist. Best collection of quality gem Black Opal ever seen on the Internet.”


Here you’ll find a huge range of Australian opals, including opal pendants, rings, black opals, boulder opals, white and crystal opals.


Quality lapidary products at discount prices.


Nancy Troske is a New York based jewelry artist, trained in classical jewelry making techniques,such as granulation, chainmaking & fusion, while specializing in cloisonné enameling.


Berryd Opals have Rough, Solids, Doublets, Triplets, Specimens and Jewellery. Field prices as I sell for the miners. We hope by using this website you experience opal at its best with the advantage of the latest Secure Credit Card Transactions


B2C Jewels is a unique, USA based online jewelry store featuring a stunning collection of diamond engagement rings, wedding jewelry, loose diamonds, and GIA certified diamonds, diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, pearl jewelry & gemstone jewelry.


Coober Pedy opals direct from the miner in South Australia


Jewelry Design & Handcrafted Excellence.


Find great quality tourmaline for your dream jewelry. Collection includes pink tourmaline, red rubellite, indicolite, blue green tourmaline as well as mandarin garnet, spinel, and spessartite garnet.


Truly unique designer opal jewelry of distinction and elegance…a must see website for opal lovers!!


Find an extensive selection of quality diamond jewelry including rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.



Beautiful gold nuggets for sale from Alaska, California, Australia, Arizona and more!!!


Huge variety of of finished gemstones.