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May 11 2017Welo Opal & Dopping Glues

BTW, I meant to send you a couple of tips on how best to use that Beacon 527 glue I told you about:

I gently mash a roll of modeling clay onto my workbench, and then (balancing carefully) use just a drop or two of the glue to initially attach the dopstick to the stone … then stick the bare end of the dopstick upright into the clay to hold it upright. If I use more than a drop or two in this step, it runs down the dipstick.

Once the glue is at least partially set (a couple of hours, max), I then turn the dopstick stone-side-down, and (using a toothpick), spread a little more of the glue where stick meets stone … then I press the top surface of the stone into the clay (bare stick-side-up), and let it cure overnight before smoothing & polishing.

I used a very similar technique for the Elmer’s method you recommend … as you’ve no doubt discovered for yourself, just a drop or two of either glue won’t be enough to form a strong-enough bond between stick & stone.

Lindsay Koob


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