May 15 2016Driving the Road Less Traveled…

May 15 2016Driving the Road Less Traveled…

Followed the lovely gum tree lined esplanade water front park along Spencer Gulf: on my way to Woolworth's grocery for a supper selection..

Leaving Coober today and heading to Port Augusta…about a 6 hour drive in a campervan.  A couple of  days ago, in a phone conversation, Darlene had told me about a late frost we had that killed about about half of our garden vegetable and flower plants.  Then last night I had a dream that Darlene and I were at a garden shop to buy replacement plants for the garden and everything was sold out.  I hope that’s not prescience.

Very little traffic on the drive…maybe a car or truck every 20km or so.  Stopped for petrol in Glendambo which is about half way to Port Augusta.  There are 2 petrol stations in Glendambo and both had several pumps, but all but 1 pump was closed to make things very confusing.  It was the same at both stations.  Wonder if they have problems getting fuel?  The Stuart Highway is in excellent condition and I have a slight tail wind to make the drive very pleasant.

Checked into the Shoreline Caravan Park in P.A.   I’ve stayed there several times, but now it seems to have had a bit of a remodel or clean-up.  Clean, well kept facilities and very friendly and helpful staff.  Love staying here on the gulf with the smell of salt air, sea birds and large fishing boats…remind me of my 4 years in the US Navy aboard the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga CVA-60.  Took a long walk along the trail following the shoreline to a walking bridge over the narrows of Spencer Gulf and then followed park-like esplanade to Woolworths (a grocery store in Oz) and selected a spicy Indian curry dish (with rice) for supper.  Lovely evening so I took another walk along the shoreline trail to view the brilliant stars we miss in the northern hemisphere.


Number 4 barge, now fading away, built in 1880 to construct the bridge across Spencer Gulf, is now just a memory of the glory years of Port Augusta.

Tomorrow I will make a short 100km drive to Port Pirie on my way down the Stuart Highway to Adelaide where I will fly to Sydney and then on to the USA and back to Billings.

Looking forward to a stop at the local fruit/vegetable market just north of Port Pirie where they sell local smoked fish and calamari…which with an apple, the smoked fish will make a great lunch.



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