May 18 2016Last Night in Australia…

May 18 2016Last Night in Australia…

Ccccold in my room.  Felt like it was in the 40’s.  With a little luck I finally warmed the cabin when I figured out the wall AC unit was also a heater.  Kind of embarrassing.  Had a shower and cereal and press coffee in the room and left at 8:30 for Adelaide.  My TomTom GPS unit (holds both USA and Australian road maps) did not disappoint and I found the campervan depot without a problem.  The only drive left today is a 20 minute ride to the Stamford Grand Hotel in Glenlg by taxi.  And then tomorrow a 20 minute ride to the Adelaide Airport by another taxi.  So far so good…no major problems.

I love the Jetty road area in Gleng with Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Mexican and Greek restaurants and loads of shopping opportunities.  Took a very long walk along the wide Esplanade here and had a seafood-pasta lunch.  The hotel is right on the beach so I only had to walk out the front door onto the ocean-side path.  Ended up walking around Jetty road looking for place for supper and ended up at a Souvlaki Brothers Greek taverna right off the pier.  And had  lamb souvlaki with hot grilled pita bread and salad…absolutely wonderful!  Probably the best meal I’d had in Australia.  It’s making me hungry right now as I think about that meal!

Up early the next morning and caught an 8:00am flight (they actually serve breakfast on Qantas commuter flights) to Sydney where my flight for the USA left an hour late.  The long flight across the Pacific left at 2:30pm (Sydney time) and so it’s really impossible to get any sleep on that flight…maybe caught an hour or two.

When I got to the San Francisco (crazy congested airport) I missed my connecting flight to Denver, mostly due to huge lines through security.  But I did get a seat on another flight to Denver an hour later.  So if all went well I should have made the flight to Billings in plenty of time.  All did not go well.  The flight from Denver to Billings was taken out of service with mechanical problems.  Another plane was later dispatched to Denver and I arrived back in Billing around midnight.  But on the plus side I had a free pass for the United Club in the airport, so I was able to while away a few hours with free snacks and soft drinks in a comfy chair.

All told it was 42 hours of travel from the time I left Adelaide until I arrived home in Billings…ouch!  But the silver lining: opals made it back safely in just a few days.

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