May 14 2016Lovely Small Parcel From 17 Mile Field…

May 14 2016Lovely Small Parcel From 17 Mile Field…

7:00am rolled around and engine noises from departing guests woke me.  The solution was strong coffee from the press and Just Right cereal.  Had an appointment to meet another miner today to see a small 1.5 ounce parcel of some dark base top gem opal from 17 Mile.  Out of money but it’s still nice to see to get the feel for opal prices this year.

Stunning opal, but I think it to be overpriced.  Could probably have knocked off a few thousand with some negotiating.  But it would be a pointless exercise since I’m broke.

Cleaned my stuff out of the motel in advance of tomorrow’s departure to Port Augusta.  Visited friends and said my farewells until next trip.

Had squid, calamari rings and shrimp for supper.  Watched The Martian again.  I’m kind of a sci-fi nut.  Grew up reading sci-fi as a lad (HG Wells, Isaac Asimov, Jules Verne, Arthur C Clarke etc), although outgrew it as an adult.  But I still dearly love sci-fi movies!


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