May 12 2016More Opals Today!!

May 12 2016More Opals Today!!

A miner stopped by my motel to show me a small 2 ounce parcel, but the price was a bit too dear. But it was great to see!

Jet lag back today and I was up and before 6:00am.  As long as I was up I thought it best to drink coffee…have enjoyed making coffee in the press.  I am a bit of a coffeeholic…guess there are worse things.  The walls in my motel room are made from poured concrete.  Must have mixed the local red sand with the concrete to make them a pleasing reddish brown color.  Very unique look on the interior walls.  Had another brekkie at the Mud Hut Motel restaurant…yumm!

My to-do list today has a trip to Tim Seekamp’s mine at Olympic Field,  Packing opal boxes for shipping home and finding more opal as I still have a good deal of cash left to spend on stones.  Put my nose to the grind stone and soon had 5 boxes carefully packed with lots of bubble wrap and tape on the outside of the boxes.  And the shipping labels are printed up at home,  pre-trip, so there will be no mistake on addresses with hand written labels.  Ran my boxes to the Coober Pedy post office in the Miners Store…grocery and mercantile store that has a little bit of everything.

Stopped and visited with John to see if he has heard of any new opal parcels around.  John knows a lot of miners and is a good source for info on what is happening around C.P.  He recommended I see Ivan…older Serbian miner that does a bit of pillar bashing (which can be dangerous) and has been successful of late.  Found Ivan’s home on the north end of C.P. and was delighted with his colorful landscaping.  Around the house are many trees, bushes, and lovely roses…an oasis in the desert landscape around Coober Pedy…lovely location!  And Ivan had opal…lots of opal…just what I was looking for.  So we negotiated a price on several parcels, that was fair for both of us and money changed hands.  Afterwards Ivan’s wife served us coffee and biscuits and left a very contented and happy buyer of opal!

Went out to Tim’s mine at Olympic…surprisingly close to town.  Stopped over to Tim’s house afterwards and looked at a little 1.2 ounce parcel of lovely top gem opal and made an offer.  Tim said he had to talk to his brother Sam to see if he was willing to sell.  Very nice crystal opal!

For supper walked to John’s Pizza for salt and pepper calamari, salad and chips.  Lovely evening in Coober Pedy…lots of stars.  Back in my room watched season 2 of BBC Sherlock Holmes.  Love it!


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