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OpalfeverDVDOpal Fever DVD

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A wonderful documentary video on Australian opal mining and opal well as opal mine rescue operations. This has only been available in Australia as a PAL format DVD, until recently being converted to NTSC format for viewing here in the USA through The Village Smithy Opals.

The movie production crew take you down into a working opal mine to see beautiful gem grade opal actually uncovered during shooting. The emotions of finding this rare gem quality of opal are very evident on on the faces and in the voices of the actual opal miners I've met in Coober Pedy during my annual buying trips. This is the most magnificent video on opal mining I've seen...truly amazing footage. The opal seen in this video will take your breath gem grade opal! You are guarantied a superb movie that will have you riveted to the screen. 4-27 minute segments originally aired on Australia's ABC TV.

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