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EWOBM-22 Ounce Lot (62.2gm)-"B" Grade Rough Ethiopian Welo Opal--2 Gram to 6 Gram Size

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This rough Welo opal grade ranges from 2-6 grams each and are nugget-like stones with a small amount of matrix on some pieces. This is considered "B" grade material...not quite as bright as "A" grade with a bit less yield...but this is still remarkably good cutting material in it's own right. Approximately 8-10 pieces to the ounce. More photos available upon request. The opal shown here is a picture of a 1 kilo assortment of stones taken from this Welo opal grade. See other selection for a 1 ounce lot. PRICE IS FOR A 2 OUNCE PARCEL.

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