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LRnobbies16-3oz3 Ounce Lot Rough Lightning Ridge Opal Nobbies


Well...these are unworked (or unrubbed) rough Lightning Ridge nobbies...mostly China Hat nobbies. And this is a gamblers grade as many of the nobbies show no color on the outside of the nodules...hopefully the insides will.
If you are fortunate enough to hit a seam of bright color on black, a finished cab can fetch $500/carat or more.
These Lightning Ridge nobbies have been run through an agitator at a puddling dam to remove excess matrix and almost rough tumbles the nobbies. The photograph is of an 18 ounce random sample from this nobbie parcel. This selection is for a 3 ounce parcel only. See another selection for a 1 ounce parcel.

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