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WOSM-1oz1 ounce (31.1 Gram) Lot Ethiopian Welo Opal-A and AA Grade Mix

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Bright and colorful AA and A grade gemmy Welo opal in 1-4 gram (5-20 carat) sizes to cut small to medium sized Welo opal cabochons or carvings. Also great for inlay or doublets/triplets applications.
The selection is for a 1 ounce (31.1gm) parcel only. See selection WOSM-2oz for discounted 2 ounce selection.
The attached photo is of a random 320 gram sample from this rough Welo opal selection. Scale=20mm.

Category: Rough Opals > Ethiopian Welo Opals For Sale > Small Parcels-Rough Ethiopian Welo Opals