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SSCPOV17-3.3gm3.3 Gram Rough Australian Opal-Opal Valley-Coober Pedy


Opal Valley is located about 40km south of Coober Pedy and is the first opalfield you will see as you approach Coober Pedy from the south.
Here's what the book "OPAL-South Australia's Gemstone" has to say about Opal Valley: Numerous shallow backhoe pits and bulldozer cuts and below the escarpment with a few underground workings on western margin. Some "painted ladies" (painted ladies are not ladies of the evening, but isolated large common rocks with a lovely coating of precious opal) have been reported. Since 1992, when this book was written, a lot of work has been done at Opal Valley and the opalfield is now many times larger with many miners presently working here and finding very nice parcels of rough opal.
High yield top gem blue/green/orange play-of-color in an easy to cut opal slab.
Dimensions: 19.5mm x 16.6mm x 9.1mm thick. 3.3 grams or 16.5 carats. Scale=20mm.

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