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WOBM-P33.4gm33.4 Gram (1.07 ounce) Rough Ethiopian Welo Opal "B" Grade Parcel


Believe it or not these stones were in my personally sorted "B" grade selection. And they just fell out of the bag together onto my photography as the Beatles would say "let it be". Bright, bright "B" grade rough Welo opals. 8 Lovely stones for your cutting pleasure.
Scale=20mm. Individual weights: 6.0gm, 5.3gm, 3.9gm, 4.0gm, 3.6gm, 4.0gm, 3.3gm and 3.1gm. 33.4 grams/1.07 ounces.

Category: Rough Opals > Ethiopian Welo Opals > Small Parcels