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CPDG17-P64.4gm64.4 Gram (2.07ozt) Rough Australian Coober Pedy Opal-Diggers Gully Opalfield


Diggers Gully is located about 5 miles north of the small outback town of Coober Pedy...right along the Stuart Highway. Last year (2017) I did stop my small rental SUV along the highway shoulder and walked into the lonely old abandoned opal diggings for a bit to see if I could discover a lost gem unearthed during recent rains, in the small dry stream-like gully. As it turned out the only opals I was able to find had to be purchased from miners.
This parcel is a mix of colors and sizes at a VERY good price...less than $100.00/ounce.
2.07 ounces/64.4 grams. Scale=20mm.

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