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LRnobbies16-P375gm12 Ounce (375 grams) Rough Lightning Ridge Nobbie Parcel


The last 375 grams of a large 3 kilo purchase of nobbies I made during my 2016 trip to Lightning Ridge and Coober Pedy. This material is small to medium sized nobbies and larger matrix pieces with opal veins. As you can see from the photos there is plenty of color in this parcel anyone who would like trying their hand at cutting rough.
Lightning Ridge nobbies will surely enjoy this 12 ounce lot. Price has been dropped from $100/ounce to $40/ounce for this clearance.
Photographs are of the entire 12 ounce parcel you will receive. Scale=20mm.

Category: Rough Opals > Lightning Ridge Opals