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WOcarve-P32.0gm32.0 Gram (1.02 ounces) AAA Grade Welo Opal Rough-Ethiopian Rough Carving Opal Parcel

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Been working late on new rough Welo opal parcel listings recently and when I get bit sleep deprived I began to wax poetic in my here we go.
Words cant honestly describe this lovely parcel of larger sized Welo opals which consists of 6 a five-star, first-rate, first class 32.0 gram rough Welo opal parcel...bright AAA Grade opals with eye pleasuring shapes that will inspire the secluded artist in all of us. It really inspired me to take a LOT of photographs!
Individual rough opal weights: 8.0gm, 6.3gm, 4.9gm, 4.4gm, 4.3gm & 4.1gm. Scale=20mm. Total parcel weight 1.02 ounces troy.

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