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CPObelemnite-P48.0gm46.0 Gram (1.54 Ounce) Rough Australian Opal Belemnite Parcel

View 1 of complete 1.48 ounce rough Australian opal parcel from Vino Opalfield.


Belemnites are not a common find when mining rough Australian opal. And they are highly prized not only for their rarity, but for their ability to add the interesting fact, to a unique piece of opal jewelry, that this colorful opal was once the tail section of an 80 million year old squid like cephalopod. I can't help wondering if they tasted like squid??
These rough opals were mined in the Vino opalfield north of Coober Pedy.
Individual rough opal weights: 8.9gm, 4.3gm, 4.2gm, 4.0gm, 3.4gm, 3.2gm, 3.3gm, 3.1gm, 2.0gm, 2.0gm, 1.8gm, 1.8gm, 1.8gm, 1.6gm, 1.6gm, 1.0gm.
Scale=20mm. Total parcel weight is 48.0 grams or 1.54 ounces.

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