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CPTR18-P30.5gm30.5 Gram Rough Opal From Turkey Ridge Opalfield-Coober Pedy Rough Opal

Complete .98 ounce rough Turkey Ridge opal parcel.


And yet another hot parcel of medium/large sized bright colorful gemmy rough opals from Turkey Ridge opalfield in the Coober Pedy Precious Stones Field. This was a large 200+ ounce parcel that I picked up in CP in September of 2018 so I have a bit more to list on the website :-)
Turkey Ridge Opalfield lies about 8km from the town proper of Coober Pedy and sits among 15 other small contiguous opalfields that produce the lion's share of this bright healthy, but scarce, gem grade opal that Coober Pedy is known for.
Very Nice .98 ounce parcel with 2 blue base crystal opals and 2 classic Coober Pedy White based opals with red-multicolor play-of-color.
Individual rough opal weights: 12.0gm, 8.3gm, 7.4gm and 2.7gm. Scale=20mm. 30.5 grams or .98 ounces.

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