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CPHP17-P16.8gm16.8 Gram (.54 Ounces) Rough Coober Pedy Opal-Rough Australian Opal-Hans Peak Opalfield


At one time these 2 rough Coober Pedy opals were part of a huge 18 ounce chunk of opal. Unfortunately it's difficult to sell something that big so I was forced to cut up that big kahuna opal into smaller marketable cubes. And these 2 stones were part of that giant opal. I believe that the smaller 8.0 gram rough opal will cut a very dark opal with that band of black potch underlying the fire layer...a natural doublet.
Individual rough opal weights and sizes:
8.0 gram-34mm x 11mm x 11mm thick.
8.8 gram-42mm x 15mm x 10mm thick.
Scale=20mm. total parcel weight is 16.8 grams or .54 ounces.

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