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CPbelemnite-P48.0gm48.0 Gram (1.54 Ounce) Rough Australian Opal Belemnite Parcel-Coober Pedy Opalized Fossil Belemnite Parcel

Complete Rough Opal Parcel From Vino Opalfield-Coober Pedy Opalized Belemnites View 1.

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Belemnites are not a common find when mining for rough Australian opal in or around Coober Pedy (the only precious stones field where opalized belemnites are found). They are highly prized not only for their rarity, but for their ability to add the interesting fact, to a unique piece of opal jewelry, that this colorful opal was once the tail section of an 80 million year old cretaceous squid like cephalopod. I can't help wondering if they tasted like squid??
Individual rough opal weights: 8.9gm, 4.3gm, 4.2gm, 4.0gm, 3.4gm, 3.3gm, 3.2gm, 3.1gm, 2.0gm, 2.0gm, 1.8gm, 1.8gm, 1.8gm, 1.6gm, 1.6gm & 1.0gm. Scale=20mm.
Total parcel weight is 48.0 grams or 1.54 ounces.

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