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MNCV14-P32.5gm1.04 Ounce (32.5 gram) Rough Mintabie Parcel-Crystal Valley Opalfield

Complete Rough Mintabie Opal Parcel View 1


I purchased this parcel in Coober Pedy in May of 2014 (see 2014 Australia trip report) from an opal miner who had been mining at Crystal Valley Opalfield in Mintabie, a few years prior, and had hung onto a few parcels. And I, as well, put it away for 5 years before dusting it off and putting it on our website. There is much more of this opal to soon be offered for sale on our website as it's a 6 grade parcel comprising about 40 ounces.
As you can see from the photos this is a nice bright semi-crystal parcel suitable for large/medium sized cabochon cutting.
Scale=20mm. 1.04 ounces or 32.5 grams total parcel weight. Individual rough opal weights: 9.3gm, 6.9gm, 6.4gm, 5.6g, & 4.1gm.

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