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MNCV14-P36.9gm1.18 Ounce (36.9 Gram) Rough Mintabie Opal Parcel-Crystal Valley Opalfield

Complete Rough Mintabie Opal Parcel View 1.


The small opal mining town of Mintabie was closed by the South Australian government due to numerous drug and alcohol violations as of December 31 2019. The only rough Mintabie opal that can now be found for sale are old stocks, much like what I am offering here.
I purchased this parcel in Coober Pedy in May of 2014 (see trip reports) from an opal miner who had been mining in Mintabie a few years prior and had hung onto a few parcels. And I, as well, put it away for 5 years before dusting it off and putting it on our website.
As you can see from the photos this is nice bright semi-crystal rough opal suitable for Medium sized cabochon cutting, inlay and doublets.
Scale=20mm. Individual rough opal weights: 5.3gm, 4.2gm, 4.3gm, 4.1gm, 4.0gm, 3.7gm, 3.7gm, 3.6gm, 3.7gm, 3.0gm, and 3,6gm. Total parcel weight is 1.00 ounces or 31.4 grams.

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