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SSWO-B48.3 gram (41.5 Carat) Dark Base Rough Welo Opal For Sale-Ethiopian Opal Rough

Rough 8.3 Gram Welo Opal For Sale-View 1

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Another dark Ethiopian Welo Opal from our March 2020 shipment from Ethiopia. This stone had delightful explosive colors showing and my curiosity got the better of me, so I polished the top face of this stone, but not quite through the semi-opaque skin...a little cloudiness is still obscuring the bright stunning play-of-color...didn't want to take away the fun of cutting this true top gem Welo opal.
Dimensions: 37mm x 29mm x 10mm thick. 8.3 grams or 41.5 carats. Scale=20mm.

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