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SSCPHP18-P22.4gm22.4 Gram Rough Australian Opal From Hans Peak-Coober Pedy Rough Opal

22.4 Gram Rough Australian Opal-Hans Peak Opalfield-Coober Pedy


Hans Peak Opalfield sounds like it should be in the Rockies or the Alps, but is really found in the "not so tall" Stuart Range...maybe 15km north and east of Coober Pedy. The Stuart Range and Stuart Highway that passes through Coober Pedy is named after John McDouall Stuart the intrepid Scottish/Australian explorer who pioneered the north south routes through the center of the country...just saying. I love Australian history.
Oh yes...opals. White based classic Coober Pedy opal with muted multi-color pinfire play-of-color. 22.4 grams or .72 ounces. 42mm x 31mm x 19mm. Scale=20mm.

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