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SSWO-B349.4 gram (47 carat) Rough Welo Opal-Ethiopian Opal Rough

Rough 9.4 Gram Ethiopian Welo Opal-View 1


Although there isn't a lot of this opal faced to better show this opals colors more clearly, most of it does show through the frosty skin covering this gemmy opal. And what does show is bright with vivid red/green/blue colors.
This gem opal reminds me of some of the lovely opal I've purchased in Coober Pedy that's been mined at Opal Valley known for its bright crystal opal...just saying.
No cracks or internal matrix pockets observed.
Dimensions: 27mm x 35mm x 14mm thick. Scale=20mm. 9.4 grams or 27 carats.

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