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SSWO-B4816.9 Gram (84.5 Carat) Ethiopian Welo Opal Rough For Sale

16.9 Gram (84.5 carat) Rough Welo Opal Single Stone-View 1

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Big, big, solid, clean, rough Welo opal that will cut a HUGE Welo opal cabochon or a matching earring/pendant set. Mostly bright red/orange/turquoise/gold play-of-color.
Sorry...I did get carried away with the photos...this was such a fascinating rough opal with it's variety of fire patterns! And it's rare to see a Welo opal of this size this clean.
Dimensions: 36mm x 29mm x 23mm. Scale=20mm. 16.9 grams or 84.5 carats.

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