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TSP-P9.5gm9.5 Gram (.31 Ounce) Rough Welo Opal 2 Stone Parcel-Dark Semi-Black Opal

9.5 gram (.31 Ounce) Semi-Black Top Gem Rough Welo Opal Parcel-View 1


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I sometimes get carried away with the adjectives I use to describe exceptional opals. And this 2 opal parcel is no exception. These spectacular dark base opals are what top gem Welo opal is all about...BRIGHT multi-colors, solid easily cut high yield shapes, enchanting fire patterns, very little matrix and zero fractures. And these are dark base semi-black rough opals.
I think that covers it. Please view the photos!
Dimensions and weights:
5.2 gram-23mm x 20mm x 13mm thick
4.3 gram-21mm x 14mm x 14mm thick
Scale=20mm. Total parcel weight is 9.5 grams or .31 ounces.

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