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WOslabs-P29.3gmSALE-$56.00 OFF! 29.3 Gram (.94 Ounce) Ethiopian Welo Opal Rough Slabs For Sale


$56.00 OFF! I get a fair amount of these thick slab-like shards of rough Welo opal in every shipment I get from Ethiopia. So...I picked out some of the better ones and put them on the website. A couple of these are darker opals and one has a crack (sorry...but it can be cut into 2 cabochons) Please have a look at the photos and see if these opals strike you as something you'd like to work on. Should be easy-to-cut high yield opals.
Individual rough opal weights: 6.5gm, 6.2gm, 5.3gm, 4.5gm, 4.3gm and 2.9gm.
Total parcel weight is .94 ounces or 29.4 grams

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