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SSWO-F2516.5 Gram (82.2 Carat) Ethiopian Welo Opal Rough For Sale


Whopper 16.5 gram opal rough Welo opal. In preparation to photograph this opal I ground most of the offending matrix covering the top of this gem. I did uncover some gorgeous color in a floral pattern. But I also uncovered a bit of orange blush in the center...which comes through well in the photos. So instead of pricing it at $30/gm-$40/gm I've priced it at $15/gm. Oh yes...there is a crack along one side of this stone in an area that would need to be removed when cutting a cabochon and smoothing the edges.
Dimensions: 40mm x 30mm x 13mm thick.
16.5 grams or 82.5 carats.

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