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CP11M22-12.3gm12.3 Grams (61.5 Carats) Australian Opal Rough-11 Mile Opalfield


This year’s trip to Coober Pedy (May 2022) found little rough opal around with few opal miners still working the old opalfields. With the lack of opal, prices of gem quality opal were extremely high. Remarkably, I did find a rare top gem parcel from 11 Mile opalfield...beautiful high yield opal with bright skin-to-to skin flashes of colors in easy to cut slab-like gems...this stone is from that stunning parcel.
This opal has several contiguous fire layers with brilliant red, gold, green, blue and orange colors from every angle. This is not a directional opal...but it is an easy to cut opal which should produce a large high yield finished gem or more than one finished gem quality cabochons. Lovely opal!!
Dimensions: 40mm x 27mm x 8mm thick.
Weight: 12.3 grams or 61.5 carats.

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