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LA-35Half Price Sale!-13.3 Carat Australian Opal Cabochon-Lambina Opalfield


Half Price Sale!-Lambina opalfield was originally discovered in the 1930's and worked intermittently until 1989 when a second and much larger opal deposit was found about 2km from the original diggings. Large scale mining began in the early 1990's using heavy bulldozers and excavators. Unfortunately the field is completely exhausted with no active mining at present.
We bought a very large parcel from Lambina in 2000 and again in 2003, when we secured a lovely top gem parcel. A photo of the tops grade of this parcel can be seen on our 2003 trip report...wish I had put a few gemmy pieces aside for myself.
Lovely geometric diamond shape double sided cabochon with sparkling pinfire patterns of multicolor flashes from every angle.
Dimensions of 21mm x 18mm x 7.5mm thick. 13.3 carats.

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