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ARD-1SALE 25% OFF!! 5.76 Carat Australian Opal Doublet-Allans Rise Opalfield

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SALE 25% OFF!! In 2009, during a trip to Coober Pedy to buy opals, I purchased a very large parcel of Rough Allan's Rise opal from well known opal miner John Dunstan. On many of the lower grades there was a heavy opaque dark rusty layer on the 2 to 4mm thick stones, obscuring what the opal actually looked like beneath. So, I spent several days slowly facing these stones (didn't want to remove the precious opal) on my 600 grit lap and then running them through my tumbler with 600 grit for about 2 hours. What I found was something like finding a buried treasure. I sold most of the thicker bright stones as single rough opals and cut a few into stunning doublets for my own pleasure and sold most as finished doublets. That's the story behind this doublet...thought you'd like to know.
Dimensions: 14mm x 11mm x 4mm thick.
Weight: 5.76 carats.

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