May 16 2016Spending a Little Time in Port Pirie…

May 16 2016Spending a Little Time in Port Pirie…

Two more days to while away before I return my campervan.  And I can think of no nicer place than Port Pirie for my next stop and to spend a day as a tourist.  PP has beautiful caravan park along Spencer Gulf and another beautiful esplanade to walk and see the sights and enjoy a coffee with a raisin scone in a sidewalk cafe.  The caravan park here, on a wide bay-like mangrove lined estuary of Port Pirie creek, is the Port Pirie Beach Caravan Park and is probably the nicest park I’ve stayed in Australia.

Before I left Port Augusta this morning I took a stroll across the old bridge, that crosses the Spencer Gulf narrows, and walked the esplanade to get a few photos and some sun.  Then on the road again.

Stopped at Harry’s Homemade market north of Port Pirie and bought a large smoked kingfish and a big apple for a  delightful lunch in the camper.  Harry’s Market has been a regular stop on everyone of my 12 trips to Australia.  I usually buy a half liter of their local olive oil, but this year they were out.  Their smoked fish is excellent and they also sell excellent fresh fish and oysters…not to be missed!

Later walked the esplanade to the downtown area of PP and bought a new book: House of the Rising Sun by James Lee Burke.  Definitely a Burke novel…main character is haunted by drink, women and death.  Dark book!  It’s going to be tough getting through this book…don’t like the dark side.  The chief antagonist seems to have supernatural evil powers, although the ending of the book proves disproves this…hope that’s not a spoiler.  But it’s probably one of Burke’s best.

Had a barramundi meal in town and cleaned the camper floor..the gritty sand was getting to me.


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