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  • Rough Welo “A” Grade Parcel - Large Stone Samples

  • Rough Welo Opal Parcel Sample

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  • Lovely Blue Welo Sample

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  • Large Welo Opal Nodule Sample

  • Large Welo Nodule Samples

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  • Large Welo Opal Sample

  • Large Welo Opal Sample

  • Large Welo Opal Sample

Rock & Gem Magazine Monthly Special

Rock & Gem Magazine Rough Opal Special

WOSM-1oz and WOSM-2oz: Extremely bright select A & AA grade rough Welo opal in 1-4 gram (5-20 carat) sizes to cut small/medium sized Welo opal cabochons or carvings.
WOSM-1oz is a 1 ounce lot of rough Welo opal…Was $295.00…Now $275.00.  WOSM-2oz is a 2 ounce lot… Was $550.00…Now $525.00.